Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Keeping Diabetes Discrete: Pocket Innerwear Review

For those of us living with diabetes, keeping our devices out of the way yet in easy access can be difficult. Dexcom receivers, insulin pumps and even glucose tablets need to be on us at all times and sometimes there just is not enough pockets. That is where Pocket Innerwear comes in! Pocket Innerwear has a goal to simplify life with diabetes by making devices/supplies easy to hide, out of the way, and easily accessible. I came across these products at Children with Diabetes Friends for Life 2017 and they were kind enough to send me some products to review.

The pictures above are pulled from Pocket Innerwear's website, only because I live alone and could not get photos of myself that did the items justice. The items pictured above are the two I got to try out. The first is the "Womens Racerback T1D PumpPocket Tank" Insulin Pump TechTank. This is a soft and thin tank with a small pocket on the side and a hole in the back for insulin pump tubing. They sent me this item in a bright pink color and it is PERFECT to wear under a cardigan to my physical therapy internships. I am able to keep my Dexcom receiver on myself without it getting in the way of treating patients like it would in my pants pocket. It washes well and did not shrink. The second item pictured are the "Women's T1D Pump Briefs Size 0-8" Boyshorts with an Insulin Pump Pocket. When I initially saw these, I thought they were so tiny there is no way they will fit me but
don't let them deceive you, they STRETCH so much! They are soft like the tank as well. I love these for wearing under a dress. I can still wear my receiver on me so that I can feel it vibrate and I do not have to have it stuck deep in my purse. 

All in all, I loved these products! I am currently an OmniPod and Dexcom user who is thinking about switching to T-Slim and though I hate the idea of tubing, I think I could easily adjust to the idea of a different pump with these products to help with the fashion side of things. Pocket Innerwear has tons of items for kids, men, and women, so go check them out! This clothing will seriously change your life if you have T1D. I will put a link below to their website so that you can check them out. 


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